15 septiembre

Starting Proton reactor design

Starting Proton reactor design focused on small scale water cycle (pumping, desalination,…) out of the grid use.
1 septiembre

Starting of the construction of the first 100 kW Mag Reactor

Starting of the construction of the first 100 kW Mag Reactor
Starting the construction of the first experimental 500K-MAG reactor of 100 kW.  
1 julio

Revision of Calculation and starting of the Plasma Thruster Reactor Design

Design of new reactor than can work as a Plasma Thruster for space propulsión devices with 50kW and 800 newtons (with out fusión) or 6 kilonewtons (with fusion).
1 abril

Design of Ronda Reactor

Design of Ronda Reactor
Design of new Ronda reactor than can work in magnetic or electrodynamic modes.
1 marzo

Design of Direct Energy Generation

Design of direct energy generation for the Liner and Mag Reactors
15 enero

Step 3

Launched 3 pulsotron fusion reactor sales worldwide Pulsotron 500K – MAG Pulsotron 500K – Ring Pulsotron 500K – Liner
1 enero

Step 2

Signed distribution contract for Spain, Morocco and Portugal Modified the 3D design of the 500K-MAG
20 diciembre

Step 1

Creation of scientific consortium.
10 diciembre

Modification of the design of Pulsotron-500K-MAG

1 diciembre

Pulsotron 500K project opened to new members

Pulsotron 500K project opened to new members at researchgate scientific forum. 12 new researchers joined the team from 8 countries.
1 julio

500 tests reached with Pulsotron-2.

Tests of confinement time and sensors.
21 junio


 Increasing pressure tests. Tests of multimegawatt plasma thrusters.
1 octubre


Pulsotron-2 PRESSURE IGNITION CONDITIONS were verified by the independent certification company Applus+, being the first fusion device to be submitted to certification.
1 abril

Pulsotron-1B tests

Testing using Pulsotron-1B and also 1A up to 185 targets and 243 tests included calibration shots
21 marzo

Pulsotron-1B commissioning

Pulsotron-1B commissioning. System integration
1 marzo

Pulsotron-2 Commissionning

31 diciembre

Performed >200 tests. Reached 450GPa

21 diciembre

Build of first reactors and testing

1 noviembre

Pulsotron-1A commisioning. System integration.